Saturday, June 2, 2012

Madi Diaz and Harper Blynn are coming to town!

We went to see Madi Diaz open for Rachel Platten a couple weeks back.  They played at Kilby Court, it was my first experience seeing a show there, and when people say the venue is small, they aren't exaggerating.  It was a great show.  We met Madi before she did her set, and got a picture with her.  Her set was awesome and we were two of maybe thirty people there.  We knew all of the words to her songs and it was fun to sing along with her when no one else knew who she was. It was just her and her acoustic guitar.  In memory of Robin Gibb she played Emotion, it was a fantastic cover. We talked to her after and she was so nice to us.  It was such a great show and the best part about it is that she's coming back with Harper Blynn on the 21st.  I can't wait.  My two favorite up and coming artists at Kilby court, the smallest venue on the planet.  Tickets are $6 so it can't get any better than that! I can't wait for this show! In other news, Dave Barnes, one of my faves from Nashville is coming to Orem on June 13th . I am going to make the trek to Happy Valley to see the show. Check out his music, I'm posting a couple videos.  Gotta love summer and all the concerts it brings.