Sunday, May 6, 2012

Harper Blynn and other concert happenings

Recently I haven't been able to stop listening to a band called Harper Blynn, I originally heard about them when Ingrid Michaelson announced who would be supporting her on tour.  At first I thought Harper Blynn was a woman, but much to my surprise if you'll watch the video posted below it's four men. I love their sound, and can't get enough of their awesome hooks and vivid story telling. What's even cooler is that they just came out with a new album that you can download absolutely free, 13 tracks, no strings attached.  Check out the album at  I have seen a lot of shows that I haven't been that diligent in blogging about. They have been great experiences, but I haven't taken the time to document each one.  Last night I saw a band that I absolutely love, for the second time in four months.  Augustana came back to Utah and played a show.  Maybe 100 people were there, but they came and played as if thousands were there. They played a lot of new stuff, and seem like they are in a really good place as a band.  I hope they release a new album soon.
 Last weekend I went to see Snow Patrol.  I have loved this band since I first heard Chasing Cars on Grey's Anatomy.  They recently came out with a new album called Fallen Empires. This band can do no wrong in my eyes. I find it completely unreal that bands can come out with new albums that I love in their entirety. They put on a high energy show and were completely genuine and fun to watch.

There have been a lot of new albums released from bands that are worth mentioning.

Greg Laswell~ Landline
Eric Hutchingson~Moving Up Living Down
Keane~Strangeland (releases tomorrow)
Harper Blynn~Busy Hands
Train~California 37