Saturday, April 7, 2012

Concert Event Calendar and Guster

I've always wanted a calendar that listed all of the concerts that were happening in Salt Lake, regardless of the venue and where you could buy tickets. So I did just that. I created a calendar of all the events. Keep in mind it's a work in progress and I'll be updating it as I find out about shows and as they are announced. So a few weeks back I went to see Guster. This band has been around for quite sometime, but I recently started listening to them and loving them. They are most well known for the song Fa Fa.  They were on tour promoting their new album Easy Wonderful.  The show was all acoustic.  It was wonderful.  They all looked that they were still having fun playing together even after many years of touring and writing music.  The drummer Brian is so talented.  His style of playing is unmatched by any other.  He plays mostly with his hands, which is unbelievable.  His hands must be bloody after hitting the symbols and all manner of drum during the show.  Before the show the band asked people to bring plants to the show do decorate the stage.  If you brought a plant you got to request a song.  Guster was so down to earth, people would request a song and the lead singer would say, "not that one, it's too hard".  They were hilarious.  They played some of my favorites, including Satellite, Backyard, Demons, On the Ocean, and so many more. The bassist was new to the band and since Salt Lake was the first show of the tour they were making it up as they went along which made it so entertaining to watch.  At the beginning of some songs they would decide which key it was in, who did what and just went for it.  One of the coolest things was that they all switched instruments at different points in the show.  If Adam was playing guitar on the next song he'd be on piano.  If Ryan played banjo on one song, he would switch to Guitar, or trumpet on the next.  The level of musicianship was out of this world. The show was perfect.