Saturday, February 4, 2012

New Music I've Discovered

During Christmastime, I got a bunch of gift cards for so I naturally bought music.  I have discovered some wonderful people either through other artists I like, or through some of my friends.  So here is a list of some people that I have been listening to as of late.  First off, Madi Diaz.  Joshua Radin recommended her to his fans on Facebook.  She's a great songwriter and she has a great voice. Some videos will be included below if you want to get a taste of the music.  The next person is Michael Rossback, his music is available on if you are interested, I think he's a mix between Gavin Degraw and Matt Nathanson.  The next musician is Milow, he is from Europe but has recently done a stint at the Hotel Cafe, Cary Brothers recommended him on Facebook.  He's had a few albums out and I can't get enough of him.  Jose Gonzalez, is a super talented Swedish man who I discovered from two different soundtracks.  I quite enjoy his guitar playing, he used pick patterns mostly and his vocals are tremendous.  Below is a video of one of his songs, set in the hills of San Francisco, it's totally awesome.  A band called Needtobreathe have also caught my attention.  The amazing thing about youtube is that there are a million or more people who have videos that are great, and now we have access to see all kinds of music and listen to artists we never could before.  That is just a taste of the music I have been listening to lately.  I love discovering new music!


A little while ago I went to see Augustana in the Venue, the band that's mostly know for singles like Boston and Sweet and Low.  I really have liked all the albums that they have produced and I was really excited to see them.   The band that opened for them was called Graffit6, who originate from the UK.  I love going to concerts because you see new acts that aren't very popular yet.  Graffitii6 has a new album out called Colours.  Augustana put on a excellent show, and they even played my favorite song 20 Years!  As I was researching the band, I found out that they have had quite a few member changes along the way.  I think the only original member is Dan Layus, the lead singer.  The lead guitarist had a striking resemblance to my brother in law, and the drummer and bass player are brothers.  And when Dan was introducing them to the audience he got them mixed up.  Unfortunately after Augustana had released their self titled album, Epic records dropped the band for poor record sales.  I really liked this album and it's a shame that album sales make or break you in the music industry. I guess that's why a lot of people are independent. After the band was dropped from Epic, the band announced that they would continue touring and making music.  I've included some videos of my favorite songs for your enjoyment.  The Graffiti6 song below was featured on Grey's Anatomy.