Thursday, July 21, 2011

David Gray

The other night I went to see David Gray at Kingsbury Hall.  We were on the second row, so it pays off to be a member of the fan club. An Irish lady named Lisa O'Neill opened for him.  She was as raw as it gets but delightful.  She sang a song entitled It's Not Your Fault You're A Man and I was immediately enthralled.  She was great and sung back-ups for David during his set.  If you're not familiar with David Gray he came out with his smash hit Babylon in the early 2000s. (Video below).  I'd heard a few of his songs but kind of got reacquainted with him when I purchased a track called Full Steam featuring Annie Lennox (from the Eurythmics), it was awesome. I couldn't get enough so I purchased his Greatest Hits album and was hooked.  On Facebook, David asked his fans what they would like most to hear and the resounding reply was a song called Lately, I'd never heard it before but I loved it! I haven't stopped listening to it since.  He performed a few of my favorites entitled Fugitive and Kathleen. I liked the way the band was set up.  It was like they were all close together up on the stage jamming, which was awesome.  He had a lead guitarist that had talent like I've never seen.  He used a slider on his guitar that would make your face melt (in a good way).  All the men were in English suits and the performance was amazing.  I was hanging on their every word.  The picture below is of his setlist, I love how it's on yellow legal pad.  David is a great artist, check him out.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Mat Kearney

This concert was filled with ups and downs but mostly ups.  We were packed like sardines into the old run down club, In the Venue.   Mat Kearney was opening for Owl City.  Mat came out and put on an excellent show.  He played all of the greats, Fire and Rain, Breathe In Breathe Out, Undeniable, Here We Go, Closer to Love, and his new single Hey Mama from his new album Young Love. At one point during one of his songs he came out into the audience.  He stood on the railing separating the crowd from the stage and my friend from High school held him up so he wouldn't fall.  It was awesome.  He was amazing.  We sung all the words by heart while all the Owl city tweens stared in bewilderment.  The coolest thing that happened is that as we were walking back to our car at the gateway when we saw the whole band.  We were wearing out Mat Kearney shirts and I said "Hey how's it going?" to Mat.  He said "I like your shirt", he introduced himself to my little sister, and then asked me for my name.  We then proceeded to tell him how wonderful he was.  He was so cool and down to earth.  We couldn't believe it.  I love when things like that happen.  Above is the video for Mat's new single Hey Mama. Check him out, he's awesome.