Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gavin DeGraw

Believe it or not the photo above was taken by yours truly.  We were pretty close.  I am a pretty big fan of Gavin, mostly because his song-writing/voice is unbelievable.  Seeing him in concert was interesting.  I haven't been able to put my finger on why the show was weird and I've tacked it up to high expectations.  I think since I've such a big fan, I was a little let down by the show.  Not to say that he isn't a great performer, he is, I guess he didn't play the songs that I really wanted him to. Also, it's kind of a let-down when an artist's personality isn't what you think it's going to be.  I just didn't think he was very like-able, his showmanship left a lot to be desired.    His band was great and the guitarist was very talented.  He's currently on tour promoting his latest album Sweeter.  I really like his new single Not Over You (video above).  Gavin's new album comes out on August 9th. I think it'll prove to be as awesome as all of his previous albums.  I really love his music, and I'm excited to buy his new album. 

Monday, June 20, 2011

Richard Marx

Now I know what you're thinking, Richard Marx? That 80's has-been? Don't be too quick to judge.  I went to this concert with very little expectations, but I was pleasantly surprised.  He performed with about 15 people from the Utah Symphony.  He came out and performed his song Endless Summer Nights, and then said embarrassingly, "my fly is down", turned around towards the orchestra and zipped it up.  ha ha.  He was saying that in 25 years of touring that had never happened to him.  This guy was hilarious.  I've never laughed so much at a concert.  The thing that was incredible was that he played song after song that I had never heard before but liked, and I  made notes to download them later.  Many people don't know that Richard wrote the song that made Josh Groban famous To Where You Are.  He's written songs for Keith Urban, Natalie Cole, Luther Vandross, Barbara Streisand,  Daughtry, and Lifehouse.   These days he's a writer and producer first and a performer second.  I really liked this guy and will continue to buy his music.  My favorite songs he performed were Should Have Known Better, Save Me, Through My Veins, and Hazard.  Check him out, he's one talented guy.