Sunday, November 21, 2010

When Did Your Heart Go Missing?

This past weekend I went to go see Rooney in concert.  Fun fact, the band was named after the principal on Ferris Bueller's Day Off.  These guys were awesome.  You may recognize the lead singer (bottom center) from a movie called The Princess Diaries he played the character Michael.  Anyway, Rooney had three bands open for them at the Hard Rock Cafe in Vegas.  The first one was a band that was loud, but not necessarily in a good way, they had skill but the mix was kind of off.  The second band was called Parade of Lights kind of like Owl City on crack. I enjoyed them, two of the band members had emo haircuts and at first I was thinking that they would be screamo, but they were a pleasant surprise.  They even gave us free CDs and a "shout out" from the stage for dancing to their music.  The next band was called Triggers.  As they put it, they were "Power Pop from Pittsburgh".  I enjoyed these guys.  The keyboardist who doubled as lead singer had almost as much energy as Chris Martin, which is saying a lot and bore a slight resemblance to Justin Timberlake.  They were fun to watch and had a lot of good songs.  After hearing them it made me want to buy their album.  At long last Rooney took the stage.  We were on the first row the whole concert.  I was just in awe of Robert Schwartzman the lead singer.  Not only was he in the Princess Diaries but he was literally one foot away from me.  I had a funny glimpse into my future when I looked behind me and a middle aged woman was singing every word and just feeling the music.  We are very similar even down to the dance moves.  My friends were saying that would be me in twenty years.  She even brought her kids along.  She was awesome.  The best part of the whole thing was when Robert slapped me and my friend Mel high fives.  It was pretty sweet.  They have a new album out called Eureka.  I loved every song they played from it even though I had never heard any tracks off Eureka. Rooney, not just a British football player.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bryan Adams

Last night I went to see Bryan Adams in concert in St. George.  I went with my roommate Savannah who was a great concert buddy.  We were on the fourth row so we were really close to him.  His Bare Bones Tour is just him and a pianist playing his songs acoustically.  If you've ever heard his MTV ungplugged album, you know this is a very good thing. Bryan is an amazing song writer and I've been a huge fan ever since I can remember.  As I was listening to him perform I just was in awe of his ability to write catchy tunes.  He played one of my favorite songs of his called I'm Ready.  Needless to say I was thrilled. At one point he was taking requests from the audience.  I called a few out, but realized that there was too many that I wanted to hear that I couldn't pick just one.  I love the feeling that after you've seen someone live you still can't get enough of their music.  I found myself cranking up the volume to Cuts Like a Knife, and Summer of 69 today at work. One of the best things about seeing artists like Bryan Adams is the people that come out of the woodwork.  There was a lady behind us that was dancing and clapping off beat hoping Bryan would notice her.  It was awesome.  Bryan Adams is a great performer and the crowd went wild when he played Summer of 69. His Bare Bones album comes out soon, give it a listen,  you won't be sorry.